Monday, 21 December 2009


You know how when something your looking forward too gets continually closer and closer, and you tend to just focus on that and lose sight of all else and descend into drinking 20 cups of tea in your room a day? Good im glad its not just me :D

SIX DAYS! thats soon, VERY SOON, the anticipation is FLATTENING ME LIKE SOME KIND OF MARSUPEAL! if thats how you spell it...which it probably isnt. Know what else im looking forward too? Berlin. Cos that shit is gonna be flllllllllly fo real fo shigidy.....i could never be black...ever. But stepping aside from my eternal whiteness, i seem to have developed a thing from cranberry juice latley, THIRSTY FOR MORE AND MORE! also i still need to print out a pciture of a silver Liger, that should be good (Y). My kitten seems to have developed several skills from the street fighter series, namely the ones that allow him to propell himself through the air for seemingly impossible distances and still manging to have a significant amount of momentum to throw me off balance.
You know who i hate? Hitler. I dont mean like the rest of the world seems to like "ooooooooo Hitler killed a few million people because he didnt like them, what a prick" kind of hate, i mean the slow gradual relentless cold hatred of someone you have been forced to write about for 4 days when THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT THAT INTERESTING! You heard it here first

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