Friday, 18 December 2009

9 going on 8

I estimate that ONE out of my ONE subscibers will get the title, and if they dont....well im kind of fucked ^^

BUT YES! I found a back flipping pig in my room today=win. AND i got 4 donuts and MANGED to eat 3 of them wihtout any of them getting stolen, the 4th is awating consumption. But this weekend holds MUCH FORBODEMENT! if thats a word as i have about 3 days to finish my history coursework. Its going to be fun (Y) AFTER THAT! i can acuatlly finish this boook ive been writing and sleep for more than 5 hours WHICH may i point out will be awesome as i currently look like ive been raised from the dead twice. Lavender used to work? but nao all it does is sit on my pillow and smell nice, which is ooooooooooookies. But yes, MORE POSTIVE THINGS! college is nao over and i am free to do somethings that i want? some of the time? Win (Y)

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