Thursday, 17 December 2009


I actaully have nooooooooooo idea why i started this. Maybe its in the face for sheer boredom/procrastination, or maybe its because i just feel teh need to type wihtout it being work. Do blogs even have to be about anything? Because i seriously sometimes dont have anything to say at all. I find it really hard when some people ask me to think of things, becasue sometimes there just like a big empty cloud of nothing with that frog god from the windwaker sleeping in the middle. Im not entirely sure why but he seems like the type who likes to nap his days away. Anywho i am currently NERDING THE FUCK OUT since i just finished watching all the trailers from this years VGA's. Especially Star Wars FU2, even though im not entirely sure how starkiller is still alive. But hey, he gets stabbed in the chest and thrown into space in the first one and they bring him back with TECHNOLOGY! cos apparantly they can do that now. But yes, nerd rant over. I keep finding these green plastic toothpics everywhere. Their useless. They just bend. But yes i think this is long enough for one day, since im probs going to end up blogging every day i can


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