Monday, 21 December 2009


You know how when something your looking forward too gets continually closer and closer, and you tend to just focus on that and lose sight of all else and descend into drinking 20 cups of tea in your room a day? Good im glad its not just me :D

SIX DAYS! thats soon, VERY SOON, the anticipation is FLATTENING ME LIKE SOME KIND OF MARSUPEAL! if thats how you spell it...which it probably isnt. Know what else im looking forward too? Berlin. Cos that shit is gonna be flllllllllly fo real fo shigidy.....i could never be black...ever. But stepping aside from my eternal whiteness, i seem to have developed a thing from cranberry juice latley, THIRSTY FOR MORE AND MORE! also i still need to print out a pciture of a silver Liger, that should be good (Y). My kitten seems to have developed several skills from the street fighter series, namely the ones that allow him to propell himself through the air for seemingly impossible distances and still manging to have a significant amount of momentum to throw me off balance.
You know who i hate? Hitler. I dont mean like the rest of the world seems to like "ooooooooo Hitler killed a few million people because he didnt like them, what a prick" kind of hate, i mean the slow gradual relentless cold hatred of someone you have been forced to write about for 4 days when THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT THAT INTERESTING! You heard it here first

Friday, 18 December 2009

9 going on 8

I estimate that ONE out of my ONE subscibers will get the title, and if they dont....well im kind of fucked ^^

BUT YES! I found a back flipping pig in my room today=win. AND i got 4 donuts and MANGED to eat 3 of them wihtout any of them getting stolen, the 4th is awating consumption. But this weekend holds MUCH FORBODEMENT! if thats a word as i have about 3 days to finish my history coursework. Its going to be fun (Y) AFTER THAT! i can acuatlly finish this boook ive been writing and sleep for more than 5 hours WHICH may i point out will be awesome as i currently look like ive been raised from the dead twice. Lavender used to work? but nao all it does is sit on my pillow and smell nice, which is ooooooooooookies. But yes, MORE POSTIVE THINGS! college is nao over and i am free to do somethings that i want? some of the time? Win (Y)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sister's Lament

Wow im updating this blog far more than i originally intended, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Not that im really expecting anyone to answer since i have NO NEW SUBSCIBERS! but to be honest this is more for me to just ramble about things on than for people to read. But yes, i divulge. My point in this was going to be something along the lines of family acting like complete spanners sometimes. I dont mean being annoying, i just mean doing really, really silly things. If any of you are reading this, you know who are. IF HE'S NOT NICE TO YOU, BREAK UP WITH HIM! Jesus Christ Roo its not that hard.


I actaully have nooooooooooo idea why i started this. Maybe its in the face for sheer boredom/procrastination, or maybe its because i just feel teh need to type wihtout it being work. Do blogs even have to be about anything? Because i seriously sometimes dont have anything to say at all. I find it really hard when some people ask me to think of things, becasue sometimes there just like a big empty cloud of nothing with that frog god from the windwaker sleeping in the middle. Im not entirely sure why but he seems like the type who likes to nap his days away. Anywho i am currently NERDING THE FUCK OUT since i just finished watching all the trailers from this years VGA's. Especially Star Wars FU2, even though im not entirely sure how starkiller is still alive. But hey, he gets stabbed in the chest and thrown into space in the first one and they bring him back with TECHNOLOGY! cos apparantly they can do that now. But yes, nerd rant over. I keep finding these green plastic toothpics everywhere. Their useless. They just bend. But yes i think this is long enough for one day, since im probs going to end up blogging every day i can